Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fu Brick Tea

Today we're talking about Fu Bricks. The first image is a full 1000g brick in packaging while the second image is a close-up to show the special 'golden flower' fungus that makes this pressed fermented tea special.

This review is about the Jing Wei Fu Brick:

This is my second time drinking this wonderful tea. The first time I made it the first steep was the best and I did not rinse the tea first. This time I tried giving them a quick rinse before steeping. I’m not sure if that was the cause or if this bunch didn’t have as much golden flower fungus in it but it didn’t taste quite the same. The amazing flavors were still there but they seemed a lot less distinct and more muted. On my second steep of the same leaves I steeped it for longer and I did get a bit more spices type of a flavor but the sweetness was still missing a little bit. This time around I also detect a bit more wet wood type of a scent and flavor. All in all I still quite enjoyed this tea but it wasn’t quite as good as the first time around I had tried it.

Main Flavors: Spices, Wet Wood

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