Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Obubu: Yanagi Bancha

Probably one of the most easily drinkable green teas I've ever tried. I tend to prefer the world of lighter tea flavors over their heavier black brethren anyway. 

I would highly recommend this tea to those drinkers out there that shy away from heavily green/grassy flavors.

This tea brews a light yellowish liquor as expected from a less grassy flavored green. This is one of those teas that is very refreshing and can be had multiple times the same day without really getting tired of it. That's the nice bonus of lighter greens and white teas.

Now Bancha is basically on the lower end of the grade scale for green teas. This means it is usually made from the leftover torn leaves and sometimes stems that were rejected for higher grades like Sencha. It is still higher on the quality scale than say a typical green tea bag like Bigelow Green Tea. Bigelow and similar companies use sweepings/fannings leftover after the good tea is packaged. Tea dust is another good way to describe what is put in many green tea bags.

Main Flavors/Attributes: Light Green/Grassy flavor, very lightly vegetal, slight sweetness.

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