Friday, April 10, 2015

Tealated Cream of White Coconut

I was very pleased to find some Tealated samples in my mailbox yesterday. Of those samples I was so far able to try this one. This tea is marvelous! It makes me think of sandy beaches and warm sunshine as I'm sipping my way through it. I grew up in tropical countries and so ate my fair share of coconuts and drank plenty of their water as well. In short, I love coconut anything. So for me this tea was right on the money!

The nice thing about this tea from a tea lover's perspective [leaving my love of coconut out of it] is that it is very well balanced. I've had plenty of blended teas where all you can taste is the added flavor, be it citrus or something else. In the case of this tea you can definitely taste the tea leaves themselves along with the coconut. This was quite a nice surprise. 

All in all I think this is a tea I'll have to actually purchase at some point in the future.

Main Flavors: White Tea, Coconut, Creamy Aspect [can't quite describe it] 


  1. Some people on steepster noted that the coconut was overwhelming. The package does specify a recommended ratio of 1tbsp of tea to 8oz of water. I personally did about 1.5tsp which is my standard for most teas. I would recommend starting lighter on the leaves and working your way up if needed.