Friday, April 3, 2015

Bigelow: Constant Comment Review

Going to start this blog out on a familiar note to some. This happens to be free where I work so it's an easy grab when my loose leaf is at home. So here we go!

I’m pretty much riding the fence any time I drink this tea. On the one hand it’s pretty decent for a bagged black tea. But on the other hand compared to some of the good loose leaf I’ve had it doesn’t come close.
Even if the taste doesn’t make you scream out for joy, the smell is quite nice. Definitely a scent that would be soothing and relaxing on a cold or stressful day.
I taste and smell the orange flavor for sure. It lingers as the aftertaste for quite awhile too. The spices are right there in the background when you take a sip.
Wouldn't write home about this tea, but it’s a decent tea bag.

Main Flavors: Orange Zest, Spices

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