Saturday, May 2, 2015

Teasenz: Honeysuckle

I received a very full box of tea samples from Teasenz in the mail yesterday and I've never had Honeysuckle tea before so figured I'd try it first. First, I loved the look of the "leaves", they looked so clean and pretty! They smelled like what I'd imagine combining butter and honey would. I was surprised that when I drained it into my cup it actually had a green hue to it.
I'm not sure I would pay tons of money for this one simply because there are so many others type of tisane and tea out there that I'd buy first but this was definitely a pleasant experience. The flavor note I come back to time and again is "buttery". I think this would be a great before bed tea with a little honey added to balance the butteryness.

Main Flavors: Buttery, Slight Honey Notes

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